Places near us

The position of our camp is perfect for different types of holiday.
Depending on your preferences: active holidays, family vacations, educational holidays … We will list cities and places near the camp you can visit.

On a small peninsula in North Dalmatia, town of Biograd is located. Once a royal Croatian town where noblemen resided, today this Dalmatian town is one of the leading tourist and nautical centers in Croatia. Biograd was one of the first places in Croatia where tourism industry started so it is no wonder it has gained such huge popularity among people who visit our country.
On a small area of the peninsula there is an old town center that has several valuable buildings and monuments from early medieval times and later periods. On one side of the town we can find beautiful Biograd beaches and pine forest, while on the other there is a large marina with many berths.
Apart from summer fiestas and concerts of numerous music stars, Biograd is also a place where other events are being held, such as Biograd Boat Show, the biggest boat show in Croatia and region, or Gastro Biograd, a gastronomy festival where one can taste the finest dishes of Biograd and Croatian cuisine, with excellent music in the background.

Fun Park Biograd
Fun Park Biograd is a theme park with its ideal location near Biograd na Moru offering a spectacular entertainment experience for the whole family in the heart of the Adriatic coast.

Zadar is the fifth largest city in Croatia, and it is also an administrative and economic centre of North Dalmatia. Besides that status, Zadar is also a tourist destination whose popularity has grown with each new year so it is no wonder that it was proclaimed as the best European tourist destination in 2016. This town has a long history that spans over two millenia. It originated on a peninsula where Romans established a colony for their retired soldiers and gave them land. The town has been growing and developing ever since and it gained more significance in the Middle Ages and later periods. Zadar today is a very pleasant place, whose stone streets and buildings serve as an open museum. Mediterranean way of life and excellent food can be enjoyed at various restaurants and bars in the town centre. Must-visit sites are St. Donatus church and St. Anastasia cathedral, but be sure not to miss modern attractions as well: unique Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun installation.